African Black Soap - 6oz Bar

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African Black Soap is a completely natural soap.  It does not contain any chemicals, fillers, or nasty preservatives.  It is naturally rich in Vitamins A & E.  The Vitamin A and E content is necessary for fading dark spots and brown spots, reducing wrinkles, reducing acne and for smooth, glowing skin. 

ABS is especially helpful with clearing blemishes, acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. It helps with the removal of makeup and deeply cleanses the skin.  It is safe enough to be used on the face, body and even as a shampoo!

African Black Soap is actually brown, not black.  It may be a lighter or darker brown based on how long the cocoa pod and plantain skin ashes were roasted.

There are several varieties of African Black Soap being sold.  The variety I sell is the traditional soap and it is not a moisturizing soap.  Please be sure to follow up with a moisturizer after using.

Naturel Lyfe Essential's black soap will soothe problem skin leaving you with clear and beautiful skin!


To use African Black Soap, break off a piece and create a lather using a washcloth, body rag or your bare hands!  African Black Soap readily absorbs moisture so it should not be left sitting in water.  To store, wrap the soap in a plastic bag or place it in a clean, dry location.

Ingredients:  water, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skins ashes, and palm oil.


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mira, 07/24/2017

I've been hearing good things about the black soap bar, so I wanted to try. I've tried the liquid black soap and although I have no complaints about that product, I like this better for my face. I followed up with a rose water toner and Jai's face oil. Instantly after first use skin felt so soft and cleansed. Will purchase again!

Reviewed by Joslyn, 07/10/2017

This is my 2nd time ordering the Soap, I have suffered from Hyperpigmentation along with acne for a few years...Jai suggestion and AMAZING customer service has lead me to this jewel! Not to mention the Flint Water Crisis has took a huge toll on my skin :( but NOW my skin is much clearer and glowing...

Reviewed by Opie, 04/05/2017

I have never used black soap before and decided to give this a try after emailing with Jai and getting her feedback. Her ideas were helpful and I am happy with the decision to purchase the soap. I have no negative feedback. It works very well cleansing my skin and it is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I am rather happy.

Reviewed by Rosalyn, 01/06/2017

This is my first time using/purchasing African Black Soap ever...I purchased a bar because I'm transitioning from chemical based hair and skin care products to all natural...and I'm also suffering from mild eczema...and after using it for only 3 days now I can really tell the difference in how my skin also leaves me smelling clean and fresh! I will definitely be purchasing again!

Reviewed by Gloria, 12/04/2016

Had to re order my ABS. I use it as a shampoo, on my face and in the shower. This soap is truly the best all purpose soap out there. Thanks Jai for providing us an excellent product with fast delivery and great customer service. Not to mention all the other great products you have. Customer for life.

Reviewed by Denise, 06/04/2016

I love this product! I've been buying from this company a couple years now. It really was working to clear up my acne and dark spots, then I ran out and didn't stock back up. My acne came back full force. I'm back using it. The service is wonderful. You couldn't ask for a better product or customer service!!!

Reviewed by Erika, 04/01/2016

I ordered both the bar and liquid black soap options, and I LOVE them! I've only been using this soap for nearly four weeks and it cleans my skin so thoroughly. Originally, I was using expensive products prescribed by my dermatologist, but they were irritating my skin and my acne appeared to worsen. After a referral from my friend (thanks, Joy!), I decided to try this soap and couldn't be more pleased. Every pimple is gone - literally.

By the way, it is EXCELLENT at cleaning makeup brushes too...way better than the brush cleanser in stores. It leaves them looking brand new! Love, love, love it!

Reviewed by Ann S, 02/29/2016

Everyone loves this product for a reason...because this soap is AMAZING! I've only been using it consistently for about 2 weeks (2x a day/ at night with the Raw Shea Butter), but I am seeing noticeable improvement with hyperpigmentation and breakouts along my jawline. I will definitely be ordering again.

Reviewed by Yolanda, 06/07/2015

This is only my second time purchasing the african black soap, because the block I had before lasted for three years! I love the quality and the amount you receive is excellent for the price.

Reviewed by shycahna, 06/06/2015

Your black soap is amazing! purchased it for my daughter and after only two days i am seeing a difference. She has oily skin. So in the morning she washes her face with the black soap and apply just a small amount of sunscreen and off she goes, but her night time face wash she washes with black soap and apply the also so amazing cocoshea butter to her skin for moisture. It have her skin glowing. good products naturel lyfe!!

Reviewed by Joyce, 02/21/2015

I love your black soap. I have been using this soap for about two years now. This the only soap I use on my face. That is why I purchased five bars of it. I have been telling my family of this amazing soap. Thank you for selling this wonderful soap. Soon will be ordering your good smelling cocoa butters.

Reviewed by Jessie M., 08/23/2013

I just received my order, and I can't wait to use it. I ordered on Monday and received it on Friday.

Reviewed by Brittany, 01/28/2011

I love this soap because it's the ONLY soap that makes my pimples smaller, instead of larger..The only problem I have with it is the skin is so sensitive so I have to be gentle with it, but the soap is still great

Reviewed by Nichole, 01/15/2011

Absolutely love the black soap. Leaves my skin soft and glowing. No problems with acne whatsoever! Ordered the shea butter with my last order. The whipped vanilla buttercream smells awesome. Haven't even used it yet but I'm definately ordering more!

Reviewed by Maria, 12/09/2010

Perfection. Fantastic. I love the way this company puts it together. Please don't change perfection at all

Reviewed by Kay, 08/23/2010

This black soap is a must have for me now. After using this for about a month on my sensitive skin, my skin has never been better. I don't know why or how but it works! Thjs is also the best deal you can get for black soap.

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