African Black Soap (5 Pack)

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Pack contains 5, 6 ounce bars of African Black Soap.

African Black Soap is a completely natural soap.  It does not contain any chemicals, fillers, or nasty preservatives.  It is naturally rich in Vitamins A & E.  The Vitamin A and E content is necessary for fading dark spots and brown spots, reducing wrinkles, reducing acne and for smooth, glowing skin. 

ABS is especially helpful with clearing blemishes, acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. It helps with the removal of makeup and deeply cleanses the skin.  It is safe enough to be used on the face, body and even as a shampoo!

African Black Soap is actually brown, not black.  It may be a lighter or darker brown based on how long the cocoa pod and plantain skin ashes were roasted.

There are several varieties of African Black Soap being sold.  The variety I sell is the traditional soap and it is not a moisturizing soap.  Please be sure to follow up with a moisturizer after using.

Naturel Lyfe Essential's black soap will soothe problem skin leaving you with clear and beautiful skin!


To use African Black Soap, break off a piece and create a lather using a washcloth, body rag or your bare hands!  African Black Soap readily absorbs moisture so it should not be left sitting in water.  To store, wrap the soap in a plastic bag or place it in a clean, dry location.

Ingredients:  water, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skins ashes, and palm oil.


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rosalyn, 07/18/2017

This is my second time purchasing the soap...I loved it so much after the first time I used it that I purchased the 5 pack this time around so I wouldn't run out for a while...I was LOST without it!! My eczema returned after going without using it due to me running out...but now that I've restocked and have resumed use for the past week I've automatically noticed results! The eczema is fading away again and hopefully this time, with continued use of my soap, FOR GOOD! My skin feels so clean and soft! Thanks Jai for creating such a WONDERFUL product! You definitely have a regular customer in me...looking forward to trying your other products that I haven't already! Naturel Lyfe ROCKS!

Reviewed by Tammie, 08/10/2016

Great deal! Excellent product! I primarily use this soap for my face and it's also great to use as a shaving cream because it lathers up nicely!

Reviewed by Tacora, 07/20/2016

I ordered this product not knowing what to expect. I suffer from Hormonal acne and it was horrible. Ordered this baby here in May 2016 and now all of my spots have disappeared. I used this with a combination of birth control. Thanks Jai for clearing me up. You are an Angel !

Reviewed by Nkob, 08/07/2015

Been using the soap for a few weeks and I love it. This is a must have for anyone.. I tried the liquid one which is just as great.... Great product

Reviewed by truly fabulous, 03/24/2012

I have been using this soap for a month and find my skin is smoother and cleaner looking than ever.I would reccomend it to everyone.

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