You are logged in.  Your cart is full.  You are about to place your order and then it happens.  The phone rings.  You receive a text message.  Someone calls your name.  The children start fighting.  The doorbell rings.  

It's always something!  Some interruption stops you from placing your order.  Then it slips your mind for days and the next thing you know, you're out of soap or your body butter is empty!  Oh no!  

This can't be happening but unfortunately it is!  And now you have to wait and hope that once your order ships, there aren't any shipping delays!

How about we remove that from your shopping experience?  Wouldn't it be amazing if your black soap, shea butter, cocoa butter or cocoashea butter just automatically appeared in your mailbox every month?  Welllll, now it can!  

Sign up below to have your soap or butter automatically delivered monthly without you having to remember to place an order!


Liquid African Black Soap

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Whipped Shea Butter


Liquid African Black Soap

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