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So you don't like butter?!

We all have our preferences.  Butter can be thick.  Butter can be more cumbersome to deal with because you have to unscrew the top, try not to drop it on the floor because you're doing too much at once and you have to hope your family doesn't dig their fingers directly in the middle of your butter because sliding them across the top is just absurd to them!  (Can you tell that last one annoys me? Lol)

So, if you prefer an oil to a butter for moisture.  I have you covered.  Like the Face Oil, this Body Oil is moisturizing but not greasy.  Yes, I said it is for the body but you can absolutely use it on your face.  Of course I would only recommend Unscented for your face.  The oils used in this creation will keep or make your skin soft, provide anti-aging benefits, trigger collagen production and help keep your skin healthy!


Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Camellia Oil, Safflower Oil, Fragrance



Reviewed by Ronda, 06/07/2017

I'm an avid user of the shea butters, but tried this product on a whim... I think this has easily become my new favorite! Convenient, so light weight, moisturizing, and keeps me smelling BOMB!

Reviewed by Stephanie M., 12/29/2016

Okay so let's start with my skin type. I have super dry skin. During the cooler months I use body butters. But during the warmer months I use body oils because the body butters are too heavy. I saw this oil and decided to give it an "audition" of sorts. Lol I usually use Palmer's radiant gel but I'm trying to move into products with less chemicals. Well I think that I found my replacement. Even in the cooler months it keeps my skin soft during the day and the scent actually lasts and lingers which I was really surprised about. Of course the trick is to apply this oil while the skin still damp. I can honestly say that I love the oil. Hopefully there are some "sweeter" scents in the future and maybe even an option for 16 oz size lol. But regardless I'm glad I made the purchase.

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