Calming Butter (formerly known as Healing Butter)

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Because sometimes your skin needs something a little extra!

Beautiful skin doesn’t come easy to all of us.  For some of us, it requires just a little bit of extra work and effort to maintain or even achieve a beautiful complexion.  Calming Butter (formerly known as healing butter) will assist you in your efforts to achieve healthy, beautiful skin.  Calming Butter is a 100% natural mix of some of the best butters and oils nature offers.  It is chock full of the vitamins your skin needs and loves…especially when it is acting unruly!

Reviewed by Tammie, 12/01/2016

I got my healing butter today and I used it on my face. Feels great! My skin is sensitive and this went on like buttah and didn't irritate my eyes or skin. Very pleased! I'm sure this jar will last me all year because a little goes a long way!

Reviewed by Carman, 05/13/2016

I used to waste money on expensive perfumes loaded with unnatural additives and scents. Once I started using the whipped scented butters, I found no need for the expensive "unnatural additives" that I was putting on/in my body. Also, now when I'm In public, I get more compliments than ever....I love smelling good enough for people to comment. Thanks!!!

Reviewed by India F, 12/08/2015

I am in love with NaturelLyfe's Calming Balm. The first time I tried the calming balm I had several mosquito bites, the balm cooled and soothed the itchy bites what seemed like instantly. I love this balm and will be sure to stay stocked up at all times!

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