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Your face is the first thing, well normally the first thing, people notice about you!  Of course you want it to be smooth, soft and immaculate!  

Welllll, in comes Face Oil by Naturel Lyfe (FONL)!  FONL is a very light, non-greasy and moisturizing oil.  Suitable for all skin types, Face Oil by Naturel Lyfe is a cocktail of botanical oils, herbs and essential oils.  This combination will help soothe and moisturize dry skin, infuse skin with much needed vitamins to help fight the anti-aging process and help to remove skin related issues such as acne and blemishes.  

FONL takes a less is more approach so only a few drops are necessary to give your skin the dose of moisture and vitamins it needs.

To use Face Oil by Naturel Lyfe, place 2 to 4 drops in the palm of hand.  Gently massage into skin using the pads of your fingers.  Use twice a day for best results.  FONL works great paired with African Black Soap.

Ingredients:  Grapeseed oil infused with Rosehips and Calendula, Baobab Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Marula Oil and an essential oil blend.


*Not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers*

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Latisha, 09/27/2017

Amazing product! I purchased the liquid black soap and the face oil, and these products have changed my skin routine in a great way! The face oil is light but very moisturizing and absorbs quickly. I will purchase again! Thank you

Reviewed by Alicia Young, 08/12/2017

So.. I've been rocking with Jai for a minute and love her products. This is my first time trying the face oil and baby, another one to add to my list of faves. This oil is light and absorbs quickly. I'm in love already and it's only been 3 days 😍 Thank you Jai.

Reviewed by Joslyn, 07/10/2017

I LOVE the face oil!!! During the summer months my skin is super oily but just a few drops of this oil is beyond perfect! I use it morning and night combine it with the African Black Soap...Cant go wrong!!!

Reviewed by Ida, 07/03/2017

This oil absorbs quickly and is the perfect accompaniment to the liquid black soap. Thank you Jai for another great product!

Reviewed by Ebony, 06/24/2017

Love everything about this oil! It's not greasy or heavy.

Reviewed by Josalyn, 06/15/2017

Very impressed thus far with face oil and ABS. I have oily skin and lots of hyperpigmentation. I've tried everything from proactiv (which worked but temporarily) to Dept store and drugstore brands to control this with little or no success. I've been using this oil for about 5 days and can feel and see a big difference. My skin looks brighter and I get less oily throughout the day. I literally cannot wait to wash my face and massage this oil on each day. Great product!

Reviewed by Ashlee, 06/11/2017

I purchased the liquid black soap and the face oil and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I had some chemical burns, discoloration, and a change in my skins texture around my mouth as a result of using hair remover. I've been using these products for less than a month and I already see major changes!!! Thanks so much! ❤️

Reviewed by Ronda, 06/07/2017

Oily girls do not be afraid! I have super oily skin and I have been using the face oil consistently for the last 3 months! My skin has never looked better, and my oily skin is more manageable. Thanks, Jai!

Reviewed by Dana, 06/06/2017

I purchased the liquid black soap and face oil based on the recommendation of someone I follow on IG. I have combination skin, oily in the t-zone. I also have something going on on my chin...it keeps a pimple and/or hyper pigmentation.I have now been using the products about 6 days twice daily. Immediately I felt a change in my skin and I can now see one!! I have not had any new pimples and the discoloration seem to be fading. After using the products I really feel like I've had a facial! Like others have mentioned, the oil is light and a little goes a long way! I'm so thankful for social media and for Jai for creating awesome products!!

Reviewed by Natasha, 04/10/2017

Not greasy at all. Very light. A pea size amount, morning and night and my skin smiles and thanks me for it!! Love this product!!

Reviewed by Mira, 04/04/2017

I've only been using for almost two weeks and noticed a difference. I like that it's not greasy and it absorbs very quickly. A little goes a long way, this will last a while. Happy customer oh and my skin looks amazing! Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Reviewed by Annette, 03/30/2017

I have only been using the face oil for a short time but I am very impressed with how it makes my face feel. Great product.

Reviewed by Melody, 03/17/2017

First time purchasing this oil & it will be on reorder! I noticed my skin was smooth after a few days using it. I faithfully use it with the African Liquid soap. My skin isn't oily at all and I apply my makeup after I use it.

Reviewed by Tynisha, 01/30/2017

The liquid soap with the face oil is such a perfect combination. I use both twice a day; in the morning and at night. My face feels so smooth and has a nice glow to it. So glad I listened to my sister-in-law and brought these natural face products.

Reviewed by Tiany, 01/24/2017

I really enjoy this oil. It gives my face the moisture it needs without feeling greasy. I use it at night and it has been great for my skin. Thank you for making an amazing product.

Reviewed by Amethyst, 12/05/2016

I love this face oil! I've mainly used commercial products on my face and had an allergic reaction when I tried natural face products in the past. This face oil leaves my face moisturized without feeling greasy or overly oil and my skin is flawless! So glad I tried the oil!

Reviewed by LaShonna, 08/01/2016

The face oil is very light and absorbs quickly. Combined the African Black Soap is just perfect.
Thanks Ms. Jai!

Reviewed by Jamila, 07/25/2016

I really like the face oil. All you need is like 1 or 2 drops and I like to pat it on my face for before bed and in the morning after I have cleansed my face with the AFS of course. I have noticed that my skin looks more smooth.

Reviewed by Gloria, 07/14/2016

This oil is the perfect compliment to the ABS. It is light, not greasy and absorbs quickly. This scent is amazing. My face felt soft and smooth after only three days of use. The is an excellent product and a little goes a long way. Jai did it again.

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