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Traditional soap, in a liquid, for the entire family.

Who knew that only four ingredients could pack such a punch?!  Traditional African Black Soap in a liquid form is safe for the entire family.  It can be used as a face wash, a body wash and a shampoo.  Only a few drops of Liquid African Black Soap are needed to create a big foaming lather to deeply cleanse your skin.  Liquid African Black Soap works for all skin types and conditions!  If you have any open cuts, please beware!  It will probably sting a little but don’t worry, that goes away in a few days.  Always follow up the use of your Liquid African Black Soap with a moisturizer such as Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter to get the moisture back in your skin. 

This just goes to show that sometimes less is more!


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Reviewed by Joslyn, 07/10/2017

I love this SOAP! I use the ABS bar in the morning and ABS liquid at night along with the Face Oil...perfect combination!!!

Reviewed by Ida, 07/03/2017

This soap is amazing! I have sensitive acne prone skin and after using this liquid black soap my skin feels soft and it does not cause me to break out. I have truly become a fan! I would like to add that Jai's customer service is impressive, the personal touches really make you feel special.

Reviewed by Ronda, 06/07/2017

Simple yet effective! I have re-purchased this soap several times, as well as the 64oz. My skin has never looked better and this is the only soap that I use on myself, as well as my 10 year old and 5 year old daughters!

Reviewed by Corenthia, 06/05/2017

I am very impressed with the liquid soap and the oil. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and clear. I use it morning and at night. I've also started my pee teenager using it on his face. He loves it, I can see a huge difference on his skin. Can't wait to order more and try the African black soap!!!!

Reviewed by Shauna Brown, 05/26/2017

I absolutely love this soap! This is my first time ordering it but so far so good. Will continue to order. I also got a sample of the whipped brown sugar shea butter, will be placing order for that as well. Thanks!

Reviewed by RaiYana Howard, 05/02/2017

I just started using the African Black Soap maybe last Tuesday... and it may be too soon to see any massive results. HOWEVER, I can say my face is calm. Very calm. It's so soft and smooth Geeeezus Crice. I am amazed at that. I accidently threw my sample of shea butter away, so I am missing that moisture tremendously. Can't wait to see what my face looks like in a month. Awesome.

Reviewed by Roxy, 04/27/2017

The best black soap I've tried! It is now a staple in my home. The whole family now uses it lol. I have issues with black heads and occasional breakouts and it helps a lot in keeping my skin clear. It also cleanses without drying out my skin.

Reviewed by Shuntele, 04/15/2017

I had been hearing many good things about African black soap and when I saw this liquid form on Naturellyfe's site, I purchased. I initially purchased for my son that has a diagnosed condition called, Contact Dermatitis. It causes his skin to break out in rashes. His Dermatologist prescribed him a medicated soap wash and while it does clear his skin, I wanted to try something with no medication. He started using the liquid African black soap and on his 1st use, his skin reacted very well to it. It cleansed it well and he hasn't had a break out since he started using it. He's an active 16 year old, so consistency isn't always on his priority list, but I can tell you that his skin looks great! He follows up with the whipped Shea butter to moisturize. Jai's products are amazing! Thank you!

Reviewed by Mira, 04/04/2017

Wow, I've been using this soap for almost two weeks and already seen improvement. I brought this product in hopes it would help with body acne (chest and back area) and already I've seen improvement. Will be purchasing again.

Reviewed by Tammy, 04/01/2017

I am in love with this soap! Leaves my skin feeling soft and my complexion clear. I just placed another order because my daughter won't leave mine alone. We love it!

Reviewed by Annette, 03/30/2017

My face has looked and felt great in the very short time that I have used this soap. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Nicole B., 02/19/2017

I so love black soap, it was apart of my face routine for some time. I stop using a couple months ago to try new items. But I see i have to come back to it. I was extremely excited when I found the liquid form. I came across this site thru one of my client. So happy she came in smelling like coconut mango body butter. Any way, the black liquid is great and convenient to use. After using it for a week I can see my face coming back. I have been stress the last couple weeks and was breaking out. Not a problem anymore.... thank you. Will order again and again

Reviewed by Tiany, 01/24/2017

I was turned on to this product by a makeup artist I follow.. and when I tell you, this Liquid Black Soap is the truth.. It is liquid gold. Thank you for making such a great product and your customer service is awesome as well. Thanks again!

Reviewed by April, 01/07/2017

I ordered around the holidays so I didn't expect to get my order as fast as I did but I'm so happy that I did. I love the way this so soap makes my skin feel after using it. I skin is clean but not dried out and I wish I knew there was a bigger bottle. I will definitely purchase again in the near future.

Reviewed by Josselyn, 09/28/2016

As a repeat customer, what can I say that hasn’t been said about the African Black Soap sold by Naturel Lyfe. It’s amazing. Just buy it and change the life of your skin. Great quality, great results, and exceptional customer service! It keeps my skin right and glowing. The customer service is top-notch and the product is everything. Do yourself a favor and get THEE BEST BLACK SOAP available.

Reviewed by Shannon, 09/16/2016

Feel in love with this black soap. My skin is very sensitive and so far I have not had any problems. I have the entire family addicted, had to order the 64 oz tube, lol. Please try this liquid black soap, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Rhea, 08/04/2016

Just buy it Lol! Great quality, great results, and exceptional customer service! I heard about this product from Alexandra butler (THEMUAALEX) and was curious if this would work for me. I've tried MANY black soaps prior to this one but THIS liquid black soap is thee best, trust me! I've been using this liquid black soap for over 2 years now and my results have been great. My sensitive, acne prone skin has flourished and I now use it on my body and I'm having the same results! Bonus: supporting black owned businesses! Keep up the amazing work Jai!

Reviewed by Alysia, 08/01/2016

This is my second order of the Liquid Black Soap (having also ordered the bar-form previously). I decided to order 2 bottles and give one to my mother (who has eczema and has always been very careful about facial products). She almost exclusively uses the Clinique skincare line, but I convinced her to try the African Black Soap in liquid form (which was easier now that she sees how well my skin is looking after using it) and she's a complete fan now! Thanks for making such quality products and I look forward to ordering from you again.

Reviewed by Jamila, 07/25/2016

I so love my liquid black soap and I have noticed that the dark marks on my face are now getting lighter and fading away. Awesome Sauce :)

Reviewed by Gloria, 07/04/2016

You would think I would have learned my lesson by now. After fighters with my daughter over my soap, I finally got her to order her own. Problem solved, right. Wrong!!! When my son noticed how good my daughters face looks after using this soap he decided to try it for himself. Needless to say he was absolutely pleased with the results. My next order will be the 64 oz. Maybe that will solve the problem. When you have a product that is just that good, everybody will want it. Best African Black soap on the planet. Thank you Jai!!!!

Reviewed by Tara, 06/05/2016

Okay, so I received this soap yesterday. Tried it Saturday afternoon and I absolutely love it. I've tried different Black Soaps that left my skin overly dry. This one leaves my skin clean, smooth and not dry. Yay! :) I love that a little goes a long way. I'm also in love with the Tobacco Caramel sample that I received. It smells yummy!

Reviewed by Shan, 05/20/2016

I am obsessed with this soap! I've turned several people on to it. This is my 2nd purchase and I actually doubled my purchase and bought the 2 bundle package!! Amazing, wonderful product!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mykera, 05/09/2016

I don't know how this soap does it but it works! I have acne and have tried just about everything for it. One day I was watching Alex Butler periscope and her and Pam were talking about this soap. I knew that Alex used it because she mentioned it before and her face looks great! So I said why not try it? I am soo glad that I did because I have been using it for 4 nights now and have noticed a big improvement in my acne. I have no more raised bumps and I even think the dark spots are fading! I will def be buying more of this soap in the near future! Thank you so much Jai!!

Reviewed by Kamilah, 05/09/2016

Love the soap! Leaves my face feeling clean without getting tight and dry and is helping keep it clear of acne. A little definitely goes a long way. I've purchased black soap from other vendors and it always made my skin too dry and within a fews days even caused it to break out. Thank you for this wonderful product. Don't change a thing. This is the best I have used.

Reviewed by Gloria, 05/06/2016

What can I say. Best African Black Soap I have ever tried. I can't keep it for myself because my family keeps taking it. My skin is so much smoother, softer and the patchy spots have all cleared up. My HG does it again. Thanks Jai

Reviewed by Marquisha, 05/05/2016

I am so glad that Pam of KoilsbyNature mentioned this product. Since I started using the liquid Black Soap, my face has cleared up. Also, my boyfriend has ezcema and it has helped with clearing up the darkened areas on his face. I also like that a little goes a loooonnngg way.

Reviewed by Gloria, 04/15/2016

This is my second order. This time I ordered two bottles so I could have one for myself. After seeing how much success I had using it twice a day, once in the morning and before bed, my daughter decided to try it. She had dark spots from acne. Well, let me tell you, now this is her miracle in a bottle. Her dark spots are fading and she could not be happier. This product does exactly what it says it will do and it does not take forever to see results. Found my HG!!!!

Reviewed by Tee, 04/01/2016

I love this black soap and it's the main reason I logged on this site. Now I pretty much love everything I've tried. Give this liquid soap a try. Just remember it's very liquidity. So don't unscrew the top and pour in your hand like I did. No no. This is truly an A1 product.

Reviewed by Del, 03/11/2016

Love, love, love this soap. I started to show signs of rosacea so I add 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil to the soap. Rosacea: gone baby gone!

Reviewed by Danielle, 02/29/2016

I love love love this product; I use this product for my face, body and as hand soap.

Reviewed by Shantel, 02/28/2016

From day one I have loved the liquid soap. My son has eczema and it works wonders with his outbreaks. I love it love it love it!

Reviewed by Donovan, 02/23/2016

This soap is amazing! Has worked miracles on my face and body. As a face cleanser, it brought up pimples and removed them within a week. As a bodywash it gives a clean feeling. My skin hasn't itched at all since using this!

Reviewed by Keisha, 02/19/2016

I love it! I noticed the difference in my skin after three 1st use. I was so excited when I received my order that I went to wash my face just because. I followed it with the Mango/Coconut Shea Butter...soft and smells really good! Will definitely order more!

Reviewed by Kim, 02/09/2016

My son has acne and I purchased the black soap for him. He's been using it daily for about 5 days and we are already seeing a difference in his skin. We WILL be ordering more!!!

Reviewed by Gloria, 02/05/2016

I wondered what all the hype was about and now I understand. This soap is amazing. I noticed a difference in my skin after the first use. My skin was soft, smooth and had a glow like never before. I call it my magic in a bottle. Customer for life.

Reviewed by Ruby, 02/04/2016

This is my 3rd time ordering! I am in love with the liquid black soap. Before I only could use Mary Kay cleansers everything else would break me out. I have combination oily skin and this has been the only thing I've been able to use on my face and I've noticed a reduction in the oiliness. The soap has a good lather and I feel and smell clean after each shower. I am converted!

Reviewed by LaShonna, 02/02/2016

I love it...My kids love it too.
I need to purchase this item in bulk 😊.

Reviewed by Trish, 01/07/2016

BLACK SOAP IS MAGIC!!!! I am praying you stay in business for a long time. I love when you can read the ingredients and not need a science dictionary. Thank you for making awesome products.

Reviewed by Rasheda, 01/02/2016

Ladies Ladies Ladies I must say this is a awesome liquid Black soap it's fantastic. I use it along side with the cocoshea butter on my face day and night I really adore it. I tend to have so adult acne and I starting to see so improvement. Btw you'll Love Love Love the cocoshea butters ☺️☺️☺️

Reviewed by Brittany, 12/09/2015

I was first introduced to this product in Dec 2014 when I went to Alex Butler's makeup class. It's been a year and it has become a staple product in my skin care regimen. I use the soap with my Clarisonic, and follow up with a moisturizer. Less breakouts & dark spots have faded.

Reviewed by CJ, 12/07/2015

I originally ordered the soap for my daughter she has excema, but I decided to try it. We Love the soap within a week I saw a difference in my skin, my discoloration has started to clear of and my face has a glow. I will definitely order this soap. My daughter also has seen a huge difference in her skin. We both stop using those expensive department store products.

Reviewed by Keturah Janeen, 11/06/2015

This product is a must-have! It has just enough lather & washes off, leaving my face feeling refreshed. A little goes a long way so it will last you months. I pair this with my Clarisonic Mia 2 to get results of smooth, radiant skin!

Reviewed by Leah, 10/22/2015

I have been using the liquid black African soap for a few weeks with my clairsonic mia and I've noticed a positive difference in my skin. Would repurchase this product.

Reviewed by conza, 10/09/2015

This product has worked wonders! Black spots are nearly gone and has improved the condition of my skin! I use it in the morning and at night!! Great great product! I have been suggesting this to friends and family!!

Reviewed by Kim, 08/18/2015

Loving the product already. I don't have that slippery glop that gets on the skin anymore. Great product.

Reviewed by Shanika, 12/05/2014

I received this product as a sample at a makeup class! Used it the next day and fell in love with it! This replaced my usual skincare regimens along with other items produced by Naturel Lyfe!

Reviewed by Great Product, 08/13/2014

I received a sample of this product initially that lasted me approximately two months. I love it as a face wash. I do not really have "problem" skin but I do get an occasional pimple. I've had absolutely none since I started using this. Also my face appears to be less oily. Inexpensive purchase. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Tresa, 08/07/2014

I have used several different brands of liquid Black Soap. This is my absolute favorite. We use it for face and body. Leaves you clean without the dry, tight feeling. I order multiple bottles at a time. The size is perfect for home and travel. NLE also has great customer service!,

Reviewed by Shonda, 04/29/2014

Received as a sample. Cleanses really well. Will definitely purchase more products.

Reviewed by Monicaa, 03/15/2011

I absolutely love this soap!!! I started off with the bars but this is more easier to travel with, best cleanser I have ever used, on my second bottle and deff. will be buying more =D.

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