"Not only did it smell great, but it left my skin feeling ultra smooth! Great moisture and not too oily! To me it is truly perfect! 10 out of 10!"



"I dab a little on my hands and it lasts all day...and let's not forget it makes me smell like sugar cookies"


"I personally only used the product on my body. I found it to be moisturizing but not greasy which was so refreshing. I could feel that it was really being absorbed by my skin."



"I love this bottle because of the nozzle head. You can easily apply the black soap directly to your scalp if you are washing your hair."



"Within my first few days of using this product I noticed that it immediately dried up my white heads, and pimples caused by my menstrual cycle (when my skin tends to breakout). My skin felt squeaky clean, but it wasn't dry at all!"



"I would recommend this product to help with dry skin, if you are looking to keep your skin hydrated (especially during the brutal NY winter), or if you just want to have a natural chocolate scent!"



"I will say that I’m very pleased with the products I ordered. The butters are very moisturizing and could double as popuri."



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