WHIPPED UnRefined African Shea Butter - various scents

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Sometimes simple is best!

Nature has provided us with many amazing ingredients.  Sometimes all you need is a few to be effective.

That was part of the thought process behind this Whipped Shea Butter from Naturel Lyfe!  With only Raw Unrefined Shea Butter if Unscented and the addition of Grapeseed Oil if scented, this creamy delight packs a powerful punch for your skin!

Use Whipped Shea Butter from tip to toe as a daily moisturizer for your face, to keep your hands and body looking and feeling soft and smooth and heal those dry and cracked heels and elbows! 

Whipped Shea Butter is currently available in eight amazing scents.  Coconut Mango reigns as the customer favorite but the listing also includes light musky tones in the Oakmoss Sandalwood.  With eight scents to select, there is sure to be one that will catch your eye!

Not sure which scent to select?

Almond – Sweet scent that offers a hint of cherry with a smooth finish.

Brown Sugar - Rich, maple sugar

Coconut Mango - Coconut blended with ripe mango

Lavendar - Floral-herbaceous, light, clear, balsamic, with woody undertones, and a camphor note

Tahitian Vanilla – Sweet and rich with notes of rum and coconut

Oakmoss Sandalwood - Blend of oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli followed by a soft blend of amber and musks.  



ALLERGIES: May need to avoid use if you have nut or latex allergies. 

Reviewed by Crystal Price, 08/12/2017

Ahhhhhh I'm in love with the whipped shea butters! I have the sangria-white peach and coconut mango! The smell is addictive. My skin is so smooth. It's not greasy which I love. I walk out the house feeling like a Queen lol. I have been introducing everyone I know to these shea butters!
I no longer use store bought soaps or lotions. Jai has me sold! I also love that she writes you a personalized thank you note! That shows she cares about her customers!

Reviewed by Janea McNeill, 07/31/2017

SOOOOO deeply in love with this product. I have people chasing me down, after I've passed them, to ask what perfume I'm wearing. A little goes a long way. My skin loves it. My skin is all buttery soft and moisturized. I have only tried the Caramel Tobacco scent, and I'm hooked. I'm planning to venture out and try the other scents.

Reviewed by Ronda, 06/07/2017

The BEST shea butter hands down! The product is extremely moisturizing and the scents are to die for. I no longer where perfume, as the shea butter has me smelling so yummy!

Reviewed by Dominique, 05/25/2017

I absolutely LOVE the shea butter keeps my skin soft and it smells AMAZING!! I've been using this product on my body and hair.

Reviewed by Nijya, 05/24/2017

I love these whipped African sheabutters because the scents last! I own brown sugar and strawberry champagne! I received so many compliments! I will be reordering!

Reviewed by Joseph, 05/08/2017

On my Second order of Oakmoss Sandalwood & Tobacco Caramel! Have received many compliments
about how good I smell!! Plus the bonus of soft skin!! Thanks Jai!

Reviewed by Alicia, 05/04/2017

I absolutely love this whipped Shea Butter. My go to scent is Brown Sugar with Coconut Mango in close second. I love the fact the scent lasts all day and you are moisturized. The customer service is truly top notch! You have a customer for life!

Reviewed by Shartae G., 05/03/2017

I purchased the Strawberry and Champagne scent and I love that it lasts all day. My skin feels moisturized throughout the day. Love love love it.

Reviewed by Shamika, 05/03/2017

If you love smelling delicious and don't mind other people telling you how good you smell then you're in the right place. I have several scents and they all smell good! And the smell lasts! After working 8 hours, I still smell delicious! I got my husband the tobacco caramel and he loves it...I had to come back to order him the big jar. Talk about brown skin! Not only does it smell good but I'm soft and not ashy all day! Satisfied customer!

Reviewed by Kamilah, 05/02/2017

I just received my order and whipped butters still have the same amazing scents and silky buttery texture I remember. My only regret...I mistakenly ordered the smaller size in error. However the sample of brown sugar shea butter quickly lifted my spirits. I have a new scent on my list.. it's wonderful!!

Reviewed by LaQuanda, 04/28/2017

I love the vibrant smells of the products! After just a few days my skin texture changed, it was smooth and the men i passed by seem to love the way I smelled!! I constantly get asked what Im wearing and I just direct them right here! Ive ordered more, Im a junky already but my favs are tahitan vanilla, tabacco caramel and the strawberries and champagne! Try them you can go wrong!

Reviewed by Natasha, 04/10/2017

. Quick delivery, Great packaging. Kind of wish we could recycle the jars! I plan to be a regular customer.... great texture. Not greasy. A little goes a long way. Love the oak wood scent. So light and subtle. I'm a customer for life!

Reviewed by Opie, 04/05/2017

I like that this has a light scent and it is not overpowering at all. I have not had the best experiences with cocoa butter and decided to take a chance here. I really love this product. I use it on my face as a moisturizer. I am very pleased.

Reviewed by Nikai, 03/27/2017

This is my 3rd order and I love the African Black soap and Shea Butter. I've ordered Almond and Honey & Spice and just recieved Strawberry Champagne and Oakwood Sandle Moss. So far my favorites are Strawberry Champagne and Honey &Spice for my son. It's definitely making a difference with his skin.

Reviewed by LaKeisha, 03/15/2017

This is my 3rd order and I can't say enough how much I absolutely LOVE the whipped shea butters. So far I've ordered Strawberry Champagne, Coconut Mango, Almond & Lavender. I'm constantly getting comments and my skin is so soft. I'm OBSESSED!! I want to try them all and will be placing another order soon.

Reviewed by Sylvia, 03/09/2017

I ordered again and I was impressed again. It is very hydrating without being greasy. The smell is amazing! I love it!

Reviewed by Niki, 03/06/2017

I love this product so much. The smell/feel of the product sold me. it works your entire body. I use it with the black liquid soap, and my skin has a glow and it's clearing up more and more each day. I no longer purchase lotion from the store. I wish I could get in a larger bottle. Did I mention the customer service!!! The customer service is A1, and I get my orders in 3 days with out paying extra for shipping.

Reviewed by Sylvia, 02/20/2017

I love this product, it's light, sweetly scented and not greasy. It left my skin very soft and moisturized!

Reviewed by LaKeisha, 02/07/2017

I purchased the Coconut Mango & Strawberry Champagne and I'm absolutely in LOVE!! Both smell GREAT!! I am definitely a customer for life and will be placing another order soon!!

Reviewed by Chanele, 02/01/2017

The Whipped Shea Butter is phenomenal. I've noticed a significant difference in my skin and how much it retains moisture. I will be ordering another set once my current set is finished. Highly impressed Jai. Thank You!

Reviewed by Del, 01/17/2017

Love, Love, Love the whipped butters. Just tried the honey spice. My granddaughter told me my hands smell pretty. I use it along with vanilla. Wonderful scent and THE BEST butter I have ever tried.

Reviewed by Sabrina, 01/11/2017

The GREATEST product to ever touch my body.... bought the coconut mango and instantly fell in love after first use. I'll definitely be buying more.... I need a tub of this stuff!!!

Reviewed by Amethyst, 12/05/2016

I've been using Jai's products for years and I love her shea butter! Almond is my favorite scent and the butter leaves my skin so soft and radiant!

Reviewed by Yolanda, 11/18/2016

Simply AWESOME! Jai's whipped shea butters, liquid black soap and unparalleled customer service are such a blessing! I've used the Oakmoss Sandalwood and Tobacco Caramel butters because the earthy tones match very well with my body chemistry and my body oils. Yet, these scents are so lingering that you honestly only need the butters for an all day love fest of scents! Thanks Jai for such wonderful products and for your dedication to us, your customers!

Reviewed by Harriet, 08/29/2016

I have been using Jai's butters for a good number of years....... before she even had a website! I originally found her on ebay when I first decided to try shea butter. Knowing nothing about them, I searched many offers, and Jai's spoke to me. However I wasn't sure which to order, so I emailed my question and promptly had a response. When I still had more questions, Jai sent me her phone # and discussed the different products with me at length! Once the butters arrived (I'm a Vanilla girl all the way!) I fell in love with their quality and results. They moisturize, help eliminate chafing, stop itching from dryness, and feel and smell fantastic! Although Jai has expanded her business over the years, her customer service has never changed------ she still answers all questions and her quality is the best! I highly recommend her products to anyone who wants the BEST!!!

Reviewed by Desi Nicolle, 08/09/2016

I have been using these natural shea butters for almost a while now. I even turned my boyfriend and brother on to the Sandalwood and Oakmoss. I will never ever shop at Bath & Body works again. I always get two to three 160z and give one away. Even in the summer time I make sure I apply to damp skin and by the time I get dressed it's already absorbed. I pray Jai never decides to stop making these wonderful butters. Peace & love to u Jai!

Reviewed by Alysia, 08/01/2016

I ordered a sample of the Lavender
months ago. I fell in love with the smell and knew I had to purchase a regular-size. This is an amazingly good product! The consistency of the shea butter is smooth and glides on easily without feeling greasy. The smell is fragrant without being overwhelming. I really cannot say enough great things about the Lavender Whipped Shea Butter.

Reviewed by Diadra, 07/01/2016

LISTEN.. I have been rocking with Jai for over a year now and let me tell you I AINT yes AINT going no where else. Not only does her products take care of my skin (without a greasy feel) but man the SCENTS are LIFE! Coconut Mango is my staple and never lets me down. I recently ordered Tobacoca Carmel so review soon to come on that one. But I think I have tried all the scents and this point and TRUST me you cant wrong with any. And last but not least Jai customer service is hands down THE BEST!!! Do your skin, our community and yourself a favor and get some naturallyfe in your lyfe!!!

Reviewed by Kim, 06/28/2016

I haven't been a customer long, but I'm definitely going to keep coming back. My first order I purchased White Peach Sangria, Brown Sugar, Tobacco Caramel, Honey Bun, and just the Plain raw Shea Butter. White Peach Sangria is okay, not my absolute fave. However, Brown Sugar is my #1 go to. The first time I bought it, no one knew I was wearing it, but everyone who walked through kept saying how it smelt like Cinna-Bons, Coffee cakes, cupcakes, and etc. in the office. lol Anything dealing with a bakery, I heard it. Even earned me the nickname "Brown Sugar". Ironically I was complaining about not being able to find something that lasts all day. Honey, when I tell you these scents last! I couldn't smell it on myself anymore, but after 10 hours of being at work, and I go home, my niece and nephrew hugs me and say, "You smell good TT". Lol. My second time purchasing I ordered Coconut Mango, and I'm already in love with it, too. I've gotten nothing but compliments.

Reviewed by LaShonna, 06/13/2016

I look forward to the summer scent
๐Ÿ‘๐ŸนSangria White Peach๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿน
I know that I won't be disappointed!
Thank you Ms. Jai!

Reviewed by Lady, 04/20/2016

I've been a customer for several years and these products never get old! My skin is buttery soft and keeps me smelling good! My favorite scents are Tahitian Vanilla, C.Mango, Strawberry Champagne, Brown sugar (do you see a trend?) I LOVE 'EM ALL:-) I use the unscented on my baby.

Reviewed by Em, 04/19/2016

I brought this butter for my niece to try since she has extremely sensitive skin (very dry and prone to breakouts). She tried it and LOVES it. This is the only moisturizer that she uses and it doesn't break her out or leaves her skin dry. I will definitely repurchase this again for her as soon as she runs low!

Reviewed by Courtney, 04/15/2016

Excellent product. My family and I love the fragrances.

Reviewed by LaShonna & Family, 04/12/2016

My family and I thoroughly enjoy every scent.

Reviewed by Gloria, 04/11/2016

After ordering the Liquid Black soap and being so pleased with it, I thought I would try the butter. Once again I was not disappointed. The butter goes on so smooth and absorbed quickly. The scent is so amazing. I can see why the Coconut Mango is a customer favorite. The liquid soap and the butter are the perfect combination. With several scents to choose from, I'm sure there is one that is perfect for you.

Reviewed by Tee, 04/01/2016

LOVE!! Yes, I wanted to start out with how I really feel :-).

These butters are exceptional. My skin is amazingly soft. I love touching my skin and so does my husband. The butters melt into the skin with ease. I've used many whipped butters in the past so I know a good body butter. These absolutely are superior quality butters.

Now on to the scents. I have smelled brown sugar, coco mango, t. Vanilla, almond, honey and spice, oakmoss sandalwood, honey ginger, etc. It may be easier to say the only scents t I haven't tried is amber and lavender. None of the scents smell snythetic and I have found some favorites. I LOVE oakmoss sandalwood, honey and spice, and a few others. But there is not one that I have I will not use. Seriously. Give these a try if you are unsure. I'm addicted to them and reach for a jar everytime I think of it. I use these at least three times a day. (Most days more) Not because my skin is dehydrated, dry, or cracked; but because I love them that much. Thanks Jai for making these extreme quality products with love and care for us, your customers. I will always have this body butter in my beauty routine!!

*Nope, I was not paid or given products for review. I used my money and all statements are my own. (Just in case this sounds to good to be true). And I don't normally leave reviews.

Reviewed by Danielle, 02/26/2016

My staple scent is Brown Sugar. So far I've tried Coconut mango,Tahitian Vanilla, Strawberry Champagne and Almond. They all smell so wonderful and are very moisturizing as well.

Reviewed by Alison M, 02/17/2016

I decided to try out the Strawberry Champagne and I'm so glad I did! I LOVE it! It smells amazing and feels even better on your skin. Btw Jai has the best customer service ever!

Reviewed by Shawna, 02/06/2016

I've purchased four products so far, and love them all. I'm all about a scent being long lasting and easy to spread. Brown Sugar so far is my favorite. My daughter especially loves that one as well. The black soap is also a favorite our ours.

Reviewed by Eva, 02/03/2016

The Strawberry Champagne Whipped butter smells Awesome!! Will definitely repurchase and will order Tahitian Vanilla and Almond butters along with it!! :-)

Reviewed by LaShonna, 02/02/2016

I have tried a few scents. I know when I try the other ones I will not be disappointed at All.
Brown Sugar, Almond, and Tahitian Vanilla. AMAZING!!!
I love the creamy whipped texture it just melts on your skin like...BUTTER. ๐Ÿ˜†

๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“WAIT A MINUTE๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“

Reviewed by KJ, 01/31/2016

I ordered the Coconut Mango during the Black Friday sale. This is by far the best moisturizing product I have ever used, but the scent just isn't for me.

Reviewed by Trish, 01/07/2016

I am sold after just one order. This is a staple product for me. The Whipped Shea Butter delivers the ultimate dose of moisture and scent.

Reviewed by Chicagoavonlady, 12/25/2015

Lemme tell you. I purchased three of these on Black Friday just to try it. I had it shipped to work. I opened the Strawberry Champagne 1st. I had the office smelling so good that I had folks at my desk asking questions. Then took it home and put it on after showering. I got so mamy complements that I bought 3 more. Absolutely amazing butter!!! If you don't have this yet, you're missing out!!!

Reviewed by Shavan, 12/09/2015

I love, love, love this stuff!!! My skin is soft and buttery all day long. So glad I tried it.

Reviewed by Alicia, 12/06/2015

I love, love, love your whipped Shea Butter especially Brown Sugar and Coconut Mango. The quality is phenomenal and your customer service is out of this world. The scents last all day long and My skin stays nice and moisturized all day. I get quite a few compliments. Thank you for such a great product.

Reviewed by Cindy, 12/03/2015

I love using the whipped shea butter. My new favorite is the Strawberry Champagne. I was so happy to see it available again. Tahitian Vanilla is also a wonderful light scent. This is the best shea butter available by far. Thank you, Jai, for making a superior natural product that many of us with allergies to ingredients in other products like myself can enjoy every day.

Reviewed by Em, 08/11/2015

I recently bought Tahitian Vanilla and I LOVE this scent. It is so light and refreshing. I use it for my skin and hair as a moisturizer. It really made my hair soft, easy to detangle, and moisturized. The whipped consistency makes it so easy to apply on the skin and hair. Thanks Jai for making wholesome natural products!

Reviewed by Isunji, 07/23/2015

I recently ordered the strawberry champagne shea butter and I am IN LOVE! I wish I had ordered more. This product has done wonders for my skin. I dare say I have better skin than my 8 year old nephew at this point! And the compliments on the scent just keep coming. I can't wait for the scent to come back so I can reorder. I'm praying it will last me for the rest of the summer.

Reviewed by Deidra J., 07/10/2015


I always enjoy your products! The black soap is superb and the Whipped Shea Butter with all their wonderful scents are addictive! To top it all off your have excellent customer service and we all appreicate you and your products. Keep up the good work...you make us proud for sure!

Reviewed by Desi Nicolle, 07/10/2015

I ordered the Strawberry Champagne and the scent is soooo sensuous. I wish there was an auto shipment for this product. And oh so moisturizing! All fingers up for Naturellyfe

Reviewed by Diadra, 07/07/2015

I really have NO words to really describe the Strawberry Champagne. lf you didn't get it (so sorry), I have gotten wanted and unwanted attention from this scent- oh MY! And a little goes a long way and doesn't interfere with perfume (if you must have it). I ordered 3 and I'm already missing one so I will be hiding the next supply stock up for sure - LOLBVS. Thanks Jai!! Simply LOVE IT!

Reviewed by Ann H., 07/06/2015

I'm in LOVE with this product and so is my man! My cousin let me sample the Strawberries and Champagne butter and I was instantly hooked! I have extremely bad eczema, so I have to be careful with scented products...this butter did not irritate my skin at all! Thank you!

Reviewed by Del H, 06/24/2015

OVER THE TOP!!! Love the Strawberry Champagne scent. Love it so much I'm sending some to my step daughter. She tried to steal my jar when she was over the other day. Overall Natural Lyfe has the best shea butter I have tried. Every now and then a friend will give me a different brand as a gift. Nothing compares. Love this stuff.

Reviewed by Lucy, 06/22/2015

That strawberry champagne is soooo intoxicating!! You should make this available every year for the summer!! I will be ordering another one, real soon ;) THANK YOU!!

Reviewed by Yolanda, 06/07/2015

This is my first time trying the unscented whipped shea butter, but love the quality and consistency.

Reviewed by Kimmy, 04/03/2015

My skin has never felt so soft! My favorites are Almond and Tahitian vanilla. Jai's customer service is top-notch. Forever a customer.

Reviewed by Sonya Hunt, 04/02/2015

Love this butter! Love the sample scent I received in sangria white peach!!

Reviewed by Joan, 01/28/2015

I LOVE these products! It's how skin care should be, so natural and so effective. I have mild psoriasis and this stuff works; commercial lotions have so much "junk" , it actually aggravates it more. These nourish the skin and have benefits you can see! Thank you!!

Reviewed by Sherry, 10/13/2014

Love the Whipped African Shea Butter, especially the Coconut Mango scent. Not only does my skin feel smooth all day, it has kept my skin free from dry patches,and I also recieve compliments JUST ABOUT every day on how good I smell! I don't even have to use perfume! A wonderful product!

Reviewed by Fefe, 08/08/2014

I ordered a large container of this in the sangria white peach scent and it is quite marvelous as usual. I love fruity scents so this was to die for. Always great quality for hair and body, but I got this one specifically for my body and my fiance lovesssssss it!! :)

Reviewed by Jennifer, 08/07/2014

I suffer from really dry skin and since discovering shea butter years ago it has changed my life. I love the unrefined whipped shea butter! I use the unscented for my face and the Tahitian Vanilla everywhere else. I couldn't live without this stuff!!! My skin look so much younger and its great for sun burns and shockingly it works as a mosquito repellant.

Reviewed by Fefe, 04/06/2014

I've never really been a fan of shea butter until now. I purchased the 4oz container of the coconut mango scented shea butter and I absolutely love it. A little goes a long way. It's great on skin and hair. I used it for a twist out and the results were awesome along with my hair was super soft and shiny until next wash day which was a week later :) I can't wait to purchase a larger container and hopefully catch one of the monthly specials :)

Reviewed by Alicia, 01/17/2014

Love this product. My go to scents are Brown Sugar and Coconut Mango. My husband and boys love the scents and they last all day.

Reviewed by Jessie M., 08/23/2013

I just received my product and I love it.I bought the Almond scent, and I love it..It smells really good.I'm so glad I found this site.

Reviewed by Felicia, 10/15/2012

I STOLE this from my sister. She met the owner and decided to order the honeysuckle shea. I took this to my hair dresser who used it in my natural hair, and my husband can't keep his nose out of it. It's a fair price compared to the watered and oiled down versions in the store! The scent is so natural, flowery and amazing, Everyone compliments me on smelling good. Next time, I will order my own.

Reviewed by Tabitha, 09/26/2012

This is the best whipped shea butter that I have ever used. The unscented is great on my hair and the vanilla smells sssooo devine. Jai offers the best customer service as well as quality products, I am a forever customer!!!!

Reviewed by Lucy, 04/04/2012

I purchased the brown sugar!! ;)The smell is relaxing and my skin is awesome!!

Reviewed by La'Toya, 11/23/2011

The Brown Sugar scent is AMAZING! Can't say enough wonderful things about this product! It is a MUST try!

Reviewed by Danielle, 08/17/2011

Im a advide surfer and cant wait to get home to use my whipped shea butter! absolutley love your products and hope you do extremely well with your products keep them coming!Forever newest client!will tell all about your products!

Reviewed by Andy E, 07/09/2011

Tahitian Vanilla is great!! I am love with monoi de tahiti oil and vanilla and both of them combined are a hit. I also ordered the mango mandarin for my daughter and she loves it and says it is very fresh and fruity just how she likes it! Thanks for this great product not only do we smell delicious but our skin is super moisturized to boot.

Reviewed by Charles, 07/01/2011

This is the Best Shea Butter EVER!

Reviewed by dro, 03/11/2011

i bought this stuff from her off ebay my first time and i love it best stuff ever and shes really nice too i got unscented last time i wanna try her scents when i buy next time and it last a long time too very good product im a buyer forever

Reviewed by Tawana, 03/05/2011

I bought a 4oz jar at Fro Fashion week and am HOOKED!!!! The Mango scent is soooooooo good.

Reviewed by Taylor, 01/24/2011

I am very pleased with my purchase. I got the african black soap, a shea and soap sample pack as well as a sample of the whipped vanilla buttercream. I am so happy. I love the smell and cant wait to use the products. Also the shipping was very fast! I will be ordering in the near future.

Reviewed by Nia, 01/03/2011

This is my new favorite product. The texture is light so it works well as a hair product and skin moisturizer.

Reviewed by Lana, 12/07/2010

Have to agree with the other reviewers. I will never buy another moisturizer again. The Coconut Lime Verbena is surprizingly fresh and light. Can't wait to try the other products :)

Reviewed by Taccarra, 11/20/2010

I love this product. It meets all my expectations. I had mine scented with Mango and it smells wonderfule!

Reviewed by Lia, 11/01/2010

Jai's whipped shea butter is the very best I have used... and I've tried the offerings of many independent merchants. This product provides exceptional moisture to my very dry skin. It's very rich but not at all greasy, so I can slather it all over my body and put my clothes on right away without any concerns about oily stains on my clothes. The Sandalwood Vanilla is my fave scent -- very sexy...

Reviewed by Sandytmd, 10/04/2010

OMG I am so happy I found this stuff. I use this product on my face, body and hair. The product has a creamy consistency and is not lumpy like some other so called whipped shea butters. Also, the price is the best I have seen. My skin stays moist and hydrated all day. The vanilla buttercream and vanilla smell heavenly.

Reviewed by LBT, 08/27/2010

I was given this product as a Baby Shower gift. I must admit, I was a bit hesitant to try the product initially. However, I LOVE IT! I use this product on my entire body in the morning, excluding my face, and it keeps my skin moisturized ALL DAY. Really, I get dressed at 5:45am and get to bed by 10pm. It's amazing! A great bargain and better than ANY other stretch mark cream that I tried when pregnant.

Reviewed by Teryl, 06/01/2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!! The Vanilla Buttercream is the one I have now plus samples of others and they are great. Smells so wonderful I will be branching out to the citrus next as well!^_^

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