Whipped Cocoa Butter

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*Whipped Cocoa Butter will not be available again until the Fall*

Raw Cocoa Butter is an edible fat directly from the cacao bean. 

Cocoa Butter is an emollient and is known as one of the best moisturizers.  It absorbs into the skin quickly which makes it ideal for dry skin, eczema, scars and especially stretch marks.  Cocoa Butter contains natural antioxidants and is naturally rich in Vitamin E.  Vitamin E helps to hydrate the skin which helps to counteract and fight the signs of aging and wrinkles. 

Cocoa Butter is very hard at room temperature but will melt at body temperature.

Raw Cocoa Butter smells like chocolate so the scent is naturally pleasing to most. 

Cocoa Butter is excellent alone or as a part of body and hair care formulations.

Whipped Cocoa Butter from Naturellyfe.com contains Raw Cocoa Butter and Botanical Oils which makes it creamier and easier to apply to the skin.

To Use:  Scoop Whipped Cocoa Butter into hands and rub together.  Apply to the entire body from head to toe.  Whipped Cocoa Butter can be used in the hair for styling and to lock in moisture.  It may be too thick for certain hair types.  A strand test should be performed to determine if Whipped Cocoa Butter works for your hair.

Reviewed by Sabrina, 03/09/2017

LOVED THIS!!!! I need it in a jumbo size, cause I went through that 4 oz in about a week!

Reviewed by Alicia Young, 01/29/2017

I normally order the whipped shea butters, but this cocoa butter is wonderful. The smell is intoxicating and it melts right into your skin. Thanks Jai

Reviewed by Amethyst, 12/05/2016

So I've been sleeping on whipped cocoa butter. Finally ordered some and I'm in love! It's so soft and just melts right into my skin leaving it so silky. Can't wait to order more! The chocolate smell is a bonus!

Reviewed by Em, 04/19/2016

I really like this cocoa butter. It smells like a rich chocolate and it leaves my skin so moisturized. It works great on extremely dry areas too!

Reviewed by Tee, 04/01/2016

I use this butter on my face. I have sensitive skin and I am really serious about how I care for it. I love this. It smells outstanding and feels great on my skin. It hasn't caused any breakouts, clogged pores, or other skin issues. I love that it's natural and my skin is reacting well with it.

*i also use it on my knees and elbows before bed.

Reviewed by Donovan, 02/03/2016

I'm new to body butters and this was the first I've tried. I felt a near immediate difference. My skin feels better and the feeling lasts all day and all night. My face never felt this good. The smell is amazing. I'll be purchasing more soon!

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